“Good News” Stories To Help Get You Through Quarantine

We’re a few weeks into this new reality called “quarantine”, and if you’re having a down day then maybe these stories will put a smile on your face.

Everyday before my show I read up on all the good things going on in this weird world we’re living in, helps me stay positive and optimistic in this uncertainty, hopefully they help you too.

This one really hit me in my feels…

This elderly couple from Ohio had been planning for a spring wedding, unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic they’re self isolating, but that didn’t stop them from saying “I do” via live-stream for their family and friends to see. MORE 

Ben Affleck and other celebrities taemed up for an online poker game to help raise money for Feeding America… it went down on Saturday night (April 11) and raised over 1.2 million dollars.

Ten-year-old Sydney is in quarantine with her family, like others kids around the world… only she isn’t just doing virtual school and playing with toys, tablets, and so on, she and her mom write, record their audio, and produce their own animated videos to help kids during the coronavirus pandemic, their first video is Kids Coping with COVID-19.