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Governor DeSantis says summer camps can reopen without restrictions

Florida Legislature

Governor DeSantis says he will allow summer camps across Florida to reopen without any state level restrictions.

The announcement was made during a press conference in Jacksonville on Friday afternoon.

The Governor says he decision was based on data showing that while Florida has reported 49,000 cases of the coronavirus and 2,190 COVID related deaths, there are no fatalities under the age of 25:

“I think the data is pretty clear: Kids don’t seem to get infected at the same rates that adults get infected,” Governor DeSantis said.

While there will be no state imposed restrictions of summer camps, the governor says individual counties can enforce their own restrictions based on what is believed to be right for their communities.

“I hope that this will be good for folks over the summer. I really trust parents. I trust the physicians who work with the kids, the local leaders, coaches, camps,” Gov. DeSantis said.