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Here’s What “Unmasking” Means And Why This Story Really Matters

Michael Flynn

By Stephen Diener

Something has really bothered me over the past 24 hours when it comes to the Michael Flynn “unmasking” story. Namely, the fact that this has the real potential to be the biggest political scandal of our life time, (yes, bigger than Watergate) and yet the majority doesn’t seem to understand why, or are even paying attention to it.

And maybe that isn’t anyone’s fault besides the main stream media.

Fox News is the only MSM outlet that has covered this story, every other network has largely ignored it. So when things are ignored or swept under the rug, it’s hard for the general population to understand what is really happening out there.

Enter, me and this labor of love.

First, the backstory.

There is a law that allows the intelligence community to monitor foreign people of interest. These laws were enacted with the hopes of stopping terrorism through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or more commonly known as FISA. It has provisions in place that are supposed to protect Americans who are “incidentally” recorded. They do this by “masking” them.

Now, sometimes during surveillance, unwitting Americans are caught up in the conversation. When this happens, intelligence analysts are supposed to “mask” that persons identity out of respect and privacy, unless they are suspected of wrongdoing.

Here’s where Michael Flynn comes in and why this is a very big deal.

In early 2017, a few weeks before Trump was set to take office, Flynn was having conversations with a Russian ambassador who the NSA just happened to be surveilling. They were talking about sanctions that would have gone against moves that the Obama administration had made in the past.

So what did the perpetrators decide to do from there? Go after the very man who worked his whole career to defend against Russia and accuse him of conspiring with Russians.

Side note, that accusation was proven false last week which is why you may have heard about the DOJ dropping charges against Flynn. His life was still ruined for the past three and a half years, but that is neither here nor there to his accusers.

But back to the story.

The rest of this reads almost like a spy novel.

From there, then VP Joe Biden, FBI Director James Comey, National Intelligence Director James Clapper, and CIA Director John Brennan, amongst others, used their powers to unmask Flynn and reveal his identity in order to stop his work and undermine the Trump presidency before it even began.

Is that in its self illegal? There is a lot of gray area there, but there is no argument that it is highly immoral to abuse your powers to spy on and set up a political opponent for your own personal gain.

That being said, someone leaked Flynn’s name to the press at that time, which is indeed highly illegal, and that someone could be any of those slime balls I already mentioned. Which could mean future Senate investigations and possible jail time for said slime balls.

And make no mistake about it, just because Obama’s name was not mentioned in the unmasking request list that came out yesterday that showed all of the administration officials who did put in requests to uncover Flynn’s identity, it does not mean he was not aware or even involved in what was going on.

Case in point, Lisa Page’s text to Peter Strozk on September 6th, 2016 that read “POTUS wants to know everything that we are doing.”

Well, that seems pretty cut and dry doesn’t it? And in case you forgot, those are the two FBI agents who got in trouble for having an affair and lying about it.

So what happened after they got a hold of Flynn?

They forced him to lie about his involvement with the Russians by threatening him and his son. Nice people right? That of course led to something you might remember called the Russia collusion investigation which lasted for over two years.

The entire thing was based off of lies and deception all for personal gain. Which is kind of ironic when you think about it, considering that is exactly what the Democrats impeached Trump for when they accused him of quid pro quo with Ukraine for political gain.

In short, this is a very big deal because the officials at the very highest levels of the Obama administration, the intelligence communities, and possibly even then President Obama himself were involved with trying to sabotage an incoming President and working behind the scenes for three very long years to get him ousted.

These are no longer tin hat conspiracy theories like the goons at CNN or MSNBC would have you believe, this is now hardcore truth backed up by government documents.

Which is more than they could ever say in any of their fake investigations.