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Hold the seafood, but bring on the gelato: Maren Morris reveals her pregnancy diet

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ABC/Image Group LAWhen Maren Morris plays the prestigious Houston Rodeo on March 7, she’ll be nine months pregnant and almost ready to deliver her first child, a son with fellow singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd.

Maren’s clearly been pretty fearless during her pregnancy, but she admits there’s one thing that’s proved impossible, at least when it comes to eating.

“One food thing that’s been tough to enjoy, that I’ve kind of stayed away from during pregnancy, has been any sort of seafood,” she reveals. “I used to love salmon and any sort of fish dish, and recently I just can’t smell it without getting sick.”

Luckily, Maren’s found comfort in one particular sweet treat.

“One thing I can’t live without food-wise since being pregnant is Talenti gelato,” she explains. “That’s been a non-negotiable. Before bed, I have to have ice cream. It’s like a more amplified sweet tooth than I ever had.”

“Salted Caramel Truffle is the flavor.” she laughs, “And careful with it — because you’ll want to buy like twelve pints!” 

Here’s something else that’s pretty sweet in Maren’s life these days: this week, “The Bones” — the song she wrote about the strength of her relationship with Ryan — is spending its second week at the top of the country chart. 

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