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Hot Country Knights ‘Pick Her Up’ with Travis Tritt on ‘Good Morning America’

Capitol Nashville

Capitol NashvilleDierks Bentley‘s alter ego, Doug Douglason, led his band of Hot Country Knights to Good Morning America today with Travis Tritt for a performance of their collaboration, “Pick Her Up.” 

The 90s country parody band, featuring Dierks and his road band dressed in eccentric outfits and mullet wigs, brought of dose of country music and humor to GMA.  Adhering to social distancing guidelines, each band member played from their home, with Doug and Travis setting up shop in their respective recording studios, compiling the individual footage into the performance. 

Donning his red mesh shirt and a pair of visors, Doug crooned the first verse while doing his signature dance move, known as the “Doug Thrust,” before Travis joined in on the second verse and chorus, singing “Pick her up in a pickup truck/Take her out to a honky tonk/Turn an ice-cold long neck up/Dance around to an old jukebox,” Doug sang, dancing around his studio all the while. 

Hot Country Knights released their debut album, The K is Silent, on May 1, with “Pick Her Up” as the lead single. Dierks co-wrote many of the tracks and served as the project’s co-producer.

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