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Hot Country Knights say “The K is Silent” on new album

Capitol Nashville

Capitol Nashville Spring is about to get hotter with the release of Hot Country Knights‘ debut album, The K is Silent. 

Hot Country Knights is the side hustle of Dierks Bentley, aka Doug Douglason, and his band, the sextet coming together to pay tribute to the 90s in their own unique way. The 10-track project features such titles as “Moose Knuckle Shuffle,” “Mull It Over” — a tribute to the signature 90s hairdo, the mullet — and the patriotic “The USA Begins with Us.” 

Fans can also look forward to appearances by 90s icons Travis Tritt, who is a guest vocalist on lead single “Pick Her Up,” and Terri Clark, who is part of a track called “You Make it Hard.”

The album is co-produced by Dierks, who also co-wrote six of the songs.

“We were out on the road singing a lot of other people’s hits, and we called them Greatest Hits because by us singing them, it actually made them great,” Doug says. “But this is a step beyond our Greatest Hits. This is all original material, and it’s the best stuff to come out of Nashville from a man band in several decades.” 

The K is Silent drops on May 1. The band will embark on the coinciding One Knight Stand Tour in April.

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