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“I Don’t Know About You,” but Chris Lane misses playing live, so he’s re-living special onstage moments

ABC/John Fleenor

ABC/John Fleenor


Chris Lane may not be able to tour right now, but that doesn’t mean he can’t think back to pre-pandemic good times: The singer has shared another live video from the sold-out Chicago stop on his headlining Big, Big Plans Tour. 

This time around, it’s “I Don’t Know About You,” which became Chris’ second number-one single in 2018. The song changed everything, he explained on social media, especially when it came to the energy of his live show. 

“‘I Don’t Know About You’ has changed my career in a way that more people than ever before are showing up to my shows,” he said in a clip announcing the release of the live video. 

The live treatment of “I Don’t Know About You” follows a video of “Big, Big Plans” that was recorded at the very same show. The latter song is just as special to Chris, in a very different way: He wrote and performed it as part of his proposal to his now-wife, Lauren.

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