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“I Hope You’re Happy Now”: How a heart-to-heart with Luke Combs led to Carly Pearce’s latest hit

Big Machine

Big MachineCarly Pearce freely admits her top-15 hit, “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” is based on the relationship she had immediately prior to dating her husband Michael Ray.  Now she’s revealing what it was like to co-write the tune with fellow hitmaker Luke Combs

“I word-vomited, honestly, just something that I had really just been through,” Carly remembers. 

The “Every Little Thing” hitmaker goes on to reveal how she was feeling at the time.

“Sometimes you get complacent in a relationship where you get comfortable,” Carly says, “and you’re not really in love with this person, you’re just in love with the idea of being comfortable and with someone. And honestly, that’s where I was.”

“And I was kind of on the back half of realizing — over the course of probably a year staying with this person and being quiet and kind of keeping it to myself — that I wasn’t happy anymore,” she adds.

It was Luke, however, who came up with the idea of “play[ing] the role of the guy” and making “I Hope You’re Happy Now” a conversation. 

“Whichever side you’re on, you take that phrase differently,” Carly explains. “And honestly — in the way that all of, I feel like, my best songs have happened — it just fell out of my mouth.”

“I Hope You’re Happy Now” — which ultimately became a duet with Lee Brice — is so far the only song Carly’s written with Luke. 

Wednesday, Carly and her lifetime duet partner — husband Michael Ray — will team up to perform together for the first time on TV on ABC’s Good Morning America.

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