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If a horse can fly, Scotty McCreery believes Moose can be his emotional support dog

Jeff Ray

Jeff RayAt the beginning of 2019, Scotty McCreery and his wife Gabi announced they’d welcomed a new addition to their family: a yellow Labrador Retriever they named Moose.

Almost a year-and-a-half later, the little puppy with his own Instagram followers is barely recognizable.

“He’s grown!” Scotty smiles. “Yeah, Moose! He’s about 70 pounds now, and he’s still got a lot of energy.”

“Poor thing,” he adds, “he got the snip not that long ago, but he’s still running all around. So, hopefully one day he calms down.”

As a puppy, Moose instantly hit the road with his dad, but his increase in size has presented some challenges lately. But Scotty thinks he might know a workaround. 

“It’s just tougher to travel,” he tells ABC Audio. “Flying — we’ve got to like get him certified as an emotional support dog or something.”

“I saw the other day,” he continues, “there was a horse that was flying on a plane, because it was a service horse. So I think if a horse can fly, then we can get Moose on the plane. But it’s tougher to travel with him.”

“But, he’s good on the bus,” Scotty explains. “He loves the bus, just stares out the window the whole ride.”  

The third hit from Scotty’s Seasons Change album, “In Between,” is now just a couple spots away from country’s top ten. 

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