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In Surprise Press Conference, Trump Orders All Houses Of Worship To Open

Donald Trump

By  Stephen Diener

In a short but historic press conference, President Trump shocked everyone by announcing his Presidential order to immediately open all houses of worship throughout the country, despite governor’s orders, and to deem them all as essential services.

This includes all mosques, synagogues, and churches.

Trump made this announcement during an unplanned press conference earlier this afternoon to a surprised press corps who did not expect to see him today.

During the announcement, Trump said that he was disgusted by the actions of some governors to deem liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential services, but refuse to open churches at the same time. He said that the country needs more prayer, not less.

He went on to say that if any governor has a problem that they can call him directly with their concerns, but he said he does not expect it to be a “productive call.”

The President reiterated his order to have all houses of worship immediately opened before leaving the podium without taking any questions.