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Ingrid Andress’ vintage “Wishful Drinking” is a standalone moment, but she won’t “be living in the ‘70s forever”


Ingrid Andress’ duet with Sam Hunt, “Wishful Drinking,” is currently edging towards country radio’s top 30, and it’s a major milestone for the “More Hearts Than Mine” star.

Not only is it her first duet, and first duet with Sam — a singer she’s long admired — but the song’s music video was a chance for Ingrid to have a full-blown ‘70s moment, complete with a glittering blue jumpsuit for Ingrid and a patterned button-up shirt for Sam.

But Ingrid’s quick to assure fans she won’t be living in the past forever. Rather, she wanted to celebrate “Wishful Drinking” as a standalone song before she dives into her next album project.

“I want this song to be celebrated in its entirety as my first feature with another artist, and I want it to be special,” Ingrid tells CMT. “I don’t need it to tie into this album, which I know is not normal but here we are breaking rules every day. I don’t want people to be confused and think I will be living in the ‘70s forever.”

As for what fans can expect from her next project? “It is dope, and I am pumped,” she continues. “Thank goodness I like my own music; otherwise, where would we be?”

Ingrid’s next album will be the follow-up to her highly acclaimed debut, Lady Like.

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