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Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to pick up medical shifts

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Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says he plans to return to medicine and pick up some hospital shifts to help out during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to reports, Prime Minister Varadkar rejoined the medical register in March and plans to work one shift a week to help out during the pandemic.

Varadkar worked as a doctor for seven years but decided to leave the field in 2013 to become a politician.

During his shifts, he will carry out phone assessments which would help free up other staff members for frontline work, according to national broadcaster RTE.

In Ireland, there are almost 5,000 cases of the coronavirus and 158 reported deaths.

The has been on lockdown for over a week with residents only being able to carryout essential activities.

The lockdown prevents residents from traveling more than 2 kilometers from their homes and gatherings with people from separate households.