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“It’s a song about triumph”: Lainey Wilson shares message behind new single, “Heart Like a Truck”

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Lainey Wilson tells a story of resilience in her new single, “Heart Like a Truck,” with lyrics that reflect on the tough times that help shape a person into who they’re supposed to be.

“‘Heart Like a Truck’ is a song about finding freedom and strength, and not being scared of the scars and the dents and the bumps along the way,” she says. “At the end of the day, that’s what builds character.”

Lainey knows firsthand how hard times help build strength. When she first moved to Nashville, she spent three years living in a camper and struggling to make ends meet as she chased her dream. Of course, those lean times paid off: Lainey is now a bona fide country star, with two #1 country singles to her name.

But she tells a different side of that story in the music video for her song. Instead of being centered around a country music hopeful in Nashville, the clip takes Lainey to a ranch, where she plays the role of a young woman struggling to find her way as a horse handler.

“It’s telling a story about a ranch girl who’s got a lot to prove to herself and everybody else,” the singer details. “And in the end, she does it. It’s a song about triumph. It’s a video about triumph.”

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