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It’s a “tip of the hat” to ‘Tullahoma,’ as Dustin Lynch spotlights his hometown

Broken Bow

Broken BowTonight at Analog at Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Dustin Lynch records a new episode of Front and Centerfor the show’s upcoming tenth season on public television.

Music City’s just about eighty miles northwest of where Dustin grew up in Tullahoma, the Tennessee town that inspired the title of his new album.

No matter where you’re from, the Grand Ole Opry member believes you can appreciate the music on Tullahoma

“I think there’s a sense of pride, no matter where you grow up, how big the city is,” Dustin tells ABC Audio. “That place made you who you are as a person, and you carry that place and those values with you the rest of your life. And that’s why I think a lot of folks will relate to these songs on Tullahoma.”

The self-proclaimed “Small Town Boy” admits his album title is getting him a little extra love from the home folks.

“I hope we get a lot more tourist action down there!” Dustin says of potentially drawing some extra attention to his hometown.

“I think they are thrilled,” he continues. “It is a tip of a hat to the place and the people that are back at home that made me who I am, that allow me to dream these dreams and that are still, you know, my biggest champions on Earth.”  

One of Tullahoma’s main tourist attractions? The distillery where George Dickel Tennessee Whisky is made.

Dustin’s new single is “Momma’s House,” the follow-up to Tullahoma‘s two previous number ones, “Good Girl” and “Ridin’ Roads.” 

You’ll be able to see Dustin’s new episode of Front and Center later this year on public television. In March, it also premieres as a three-hour radio special from ABC Audio. 

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