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It’s “Everywhere But On” for Matt Stell, as he records debut album and tries to catch some zzz’s

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ABC/Image Group LA Matt Stell‘s going into 2020 as the only new artist who managed to send his debut single to the top of the Billboard country chart last year.

He started the weekend off right on Friday by performing that single, “Prayed for You,” on ABC’s Good Morning America, and sometime today, he begins work on his debut album.

“When I get back to Nashville on Monday, we go right in the studio and we have some days blocked off,” Matt told ABC Audio on Friday. “We’ve got some songs together that I’m really excited about.”

He added, “I’m trusted with a lot of creative control, from the writing to the producing to everything…so I can’t wait to get in the studio with these talented folks and work on this record.”

The Arkansas native admits his resolution for this year is pretty simple — catch some zzz’s.

“As I learned in 2019, this job is a lifestyle,” Matt explains. “You have to pay attention to how you’re living that life to have a long-term [career], because you can get run down really quick. I’m hoping to build in some time for restful sleep at least once a week…That’s a big one for me.”

Unfortunately, the six-foot-seven former college basketball player no longer has much time to shoot hoops.

“I’m not home near enough to get to play in city league anymore,” Matt says. “I love it, and I miss it. But I get ’em to put my name on the roster, so if I happen to be home, I can hop in a game…”

“They’re terrible without me,” he jokes. “Nah, they’re great. I wonder if they notice I’m even gone!”

As we wait on Mark’s full-length debut, he’s releasing the title track of his EP, Everywhere But On, as his new single.

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