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Jake Owen says “Homemade” is “who I am” — and yes, his mama does make “the best sweet tea [he’s] ever had”

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ABC/Image Group LAJake Owen‘s latest album, Greetings From…Jake, kicks off with his ACM-nominated, top-ten hit “Down to the Honkytonk,” with his most recent number one, “I Was Jack (You Were Diane),” coming up a couple tracks later.

The Florida native strategically placed his current top-five hit midway through the record for a reason.

“‘Homemade’ is kind of right there,” he explains. “Like, the first four or five songs are rather country and they lead into that song, because that’s who I am.”

Even though Jake didn’t pen the song himself, he says lyrics like “Sweet tea only mama knows how to make” perfectly mirror how he was raised.

“I didn’t write that song, but my mom makes the best sweet tea I’ve ever had,” Jake smiles. “And everything that I love in my life is homemade.”  He adds, “And I can’t believe in the world of great songwriters, that I’ve never heard a song before with the title ‘Homemade’.”

“Homemade” was co-written by Jared Mullins, who also helped craft Runaway June‘s latest hit, “Head over Heels.” 

“Homemade” also seems likely to be Jake’s latest number one, though it looks like he’ll have to wait his turn behind another “home” song. Kane Brown‘s “Homesick” is on track to top the chart next week.

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