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Jason Aldean teases a new song about his mom: “I give her a lot of credit for me being the way I am”

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Jason Aldean is beginning to tease new songs off his spring 2022 album, Georgia, and one of the tracks on the project will be a song about his mom, called “Your Mama.” His relationship with his mother is a subject near and dear to his heart, Jason explains in a new video posted to his social media.

“My parents got divorced when I was three, and my mom, she was very instrumental in raising me,” the singer reflects. “I was her only child, so everything she did sort of revolved around me and what I was doing.”

Jason says his mom always supported him, whether he was pursuing music or other interests, such as baseball. The singer remembers how his mom used to take him to baseball card shows, where they’d wait in line together so that Jason could get his cards autographed.

“I’ve always been super, super close with my mom,” he continues. “It’s taught me how to be like that with my kids, and I give her a lot of credit for me being the way I am.”

In addition to the personal backstory behind the song, Jason also shared a snippet of “Your Mama” in the video.

The full Georgia album will be out next April. It’s the second half of a double album project that began with the release of Macon last month; together, the discs make up Jason’s 10th album to date.


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