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Jessie James Decker addresses critics who body shame her children for having abs

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Jessie James Decker is clapping back at those who criticized her children’s bodies. 

The country star, who says she didn’t plan on addressing the matter, changed her mind after it gained traction in the news. 

“When I posted the pix of our vacation and included the kids being silly flexing on the beach on our thanksgiving trip I had NO clue it would get the reaction it did,” Jessie, who shares eight-year-old daughter Vivianne and sons Eric Jr., 7, and Forrest, 4, with NFL star Eric Decker, explained in an Instagram caption on Monday. 

“Being accused of photoshopping abs on my kids (I can’t help but laugh) or … the polar opposite over “overtraining” our kids makes me realize how bizarre our world has gotten regarding the body and what’s normal and what’s not,” Jessie continued. 

The “I Still Love You” singer said she wants her kids to “feel proud of their bodies and hard work,” which she attributed to genetics and muscle gained through athletics. 

“Let’s not pick and choose what we normalize regarding bodies and be accepting of all people and children,” she added. “If we wanna do “better” then do better. I’m proud of my children and encourage them to live their dreams. So we’ll see y’all at the 2032 Olympics, and wearing Bubbys jersey in the stands and dancing at Forrests rock concert.”

The post comes after Jessie shared a photo of her little ones in their swimsuits flexing with their toned abs on display. However, some social media users took the moment to body shame the children with one commenting, “That’s not normal sorry.” Another wrote, “I find this so strange.”

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