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Jimmy Buffett previews new album, invites fans to join him “Down at the Lah De Dah”

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Good Company Entertainment/Mailboat Records

Good Company Entertainment/Mailboat RecordsBy CARENA LIPTAK, ABC News

Sun-kissed country rocker Jimmy Buffett returns next week with his new album, Life on the Flip Side, and he has already previewed the new batch of songs with a sneak peek into its track list. 

Now, you can hear the first song on the 14-track collection, “Down at the Lah De Dah.” It’s an escapist, tropical anthem that transports listeners to “A lover’s bar where the fun is free/Down at the Lah De Dah.”

Though this summer is likely to look different than most for country fans, Jimmy hopes that his new batch of tunes will ease some of the anxiety and uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My main goal in this crazy business was to keep writing songs and entertaining our fans. When we started that process a year ago with songs for a new album and finished it this January in Key West, I thought we could check that box off,” the singer reflected on social media last month.

“Then, the world took a catastrophic, meteor-like hit from a virus you can’t see without a microscope,” Jimmy went on to say. “Suddenly, we were all hurled into survival mode that almost feels like science fiction, except for the fact that we are living it, in real time. Hopefully, the songs we wrote and recorded will also help folks deal with the fallout.”

Life on the Flip Side is due out May 29. Along with the new music, the project features a 64-page booklet filled with lyrics, selections from Jimmy’s personal photo collection and more. 

Here’s the full track list: 

“Down at the Lah De Dah”
“Who Gets to Live Like This”
“The Devil I Know”
“The Slow Lane”
“Cussin’ Island”
“Oceans of Time”
“Hey, That’s My Wave”
“The World Is What You Make It”
“Half Drunk”
“Mailbox Money”
“Slack Tide”
“Live, Like It’s Your Last Day”
“15 Cuban Minutes”
“Book on the Shelf”

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