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Jon Pardi documents life on ‘quarantine time’ in new CMT ‘On the Road’ mini-documentary

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ABC/Image Group LAJon Pardi gives fans a peek into his life in quarantine in a new edition of CMT’s On the Road, which has been renamed Off the Road in light of the stay-at-home orders keeping artists and fans alike at home and away from live shows.

With help from his close friends and his fiancée, Summer, Jon shares a glimpse into what life is like on his 40-acre farm in Tennessee. The documentary follows his musical pursuits, chores around the farm and even a masked excursion to the grocery store. 

“When [we] first heard about [the COVID-19 pandemic], we were flying around everywhere, and we had all kinds of plans. So I was like, ‘Hey, two weeks off is fine with me,’” Jon explains. “But now there’s talk of all year for us, not playing concerts. And probably the worst feeling is not knowing when you’re gonna get back to work.”

Jon had to hit pause not only on his professional life, but on his personal life, too. He and Summer planned to get married this spring but in light of the pandemic, they’ve had to push their wedding to November. 

Still, the couple is finding ways to make the best of a stressful situation. The mini-documentary shows Summer giving Jon, and another of their quarantine-mates, a haircut, as well as cooking dinner and enjoying time on the farm together. 

At the close of the clip, Jon breaks out a package of fireworks to light up on his barn. 

“Essentials are fireworks,” he jokingly tells the camera. “It is essential tonight. We’re gonna light ‘em up. It’s gonna be awesome.”

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