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Jordan Davis recalls the “special day” writing “Buy Dirt” — and its connection to “Fancy Like”

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Jordan Davis and Walker Hayes have a special connection thanks to Walker’s hit, “Fancy Like”: songwriter Josh Jenkins.

“One of the co-writers on ‘Fancy Like,’ Josh Jenkins, helped me write ‘Buy Dirt’ too, so I’m just over the moon for him,” Jordan praises. 

For Jordan, writing “Buy Dirt,” his hit collaboration with Luke Bryan that is #1 at country radio this week, was a family affair, as he got to write the meaningful song with his own brother, Jacob Davis, alongside the brother duo of songwriters Josh and Matt Jenkins

“The brother duo, we had a special day that day. Those are three of the best songwriters, in my opinion, in Nashville, and so we don’t get that song if I don’t have those guys with me. I can’t write a song like that by myself. I kind of just got out of their way on that one,” Jordan describes of the writing session.

While Josh is one of the masterminds behind “Fancy Like,” it was his brother Matt who pitched the idea for “Buy Dirt,” Jordan knowing instantly that this story needed to be told. 

“Matt Jenkins came in and was like, ‘what if it’s something, ‘Buy Dirt,’ like what you do with the piece of dirt that you have? What you do with your house, what you do with the way you raise your kids, what you do with the way you spend your time?'” Jordan recalls. “And when he said that, we all were just like, ‘that’s what we’re writing today.'” 

“Buy Dirt” marks Jordan’s fourth #1 single following “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot,” “Take It From Me” and “Singles You Up.”  

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