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Jordan Davis takes fans to “Church in a Chevy” in spiritual, nature-filled music video

ABC/Image Group LA

ABC/Image Group LA

Jordan Davis explores his spiritual side in the music video for his new song, “Church in a Chevy,” but the religious experience he describes doesn’t take place in a house of worship. 

Instead, the singer finds connection to his faith when he’s driving alone through the middle of nowhere. In the clip, Davis drives his truck down a back road, parks it, and wanders through a field as he reconnects to God and begins to feel a little more grounded. 

On social media, Jordan explained that when he and his co-writers wrote the song, that solitary, spiritual connection to nature and faith was something he’d lost touch with a bit. 

“I was traveling like crazy and our daughter Eloise was about to be born and to be honest, I was overwhelmed,” he reflects. “Great things were happening, and I knew how fortunate I was, but I felt like life was flying right by me.”

“When we sat down and wrote ‘Church In A Chevy,’ I felt like my co-writers Matt and Josh were reading my mind,” he adds. “And the song that came out that day punched me in the face.”

“Church in a Chevy” is one of the tracks on Jordan’s self-titled, six-track EP, which he released on Friday.

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