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“Julianna Calm Down”: The Dixie Chicks offer a peek at another new track from ‘Gaslighter’

Columbia Records

Columbia RecordsThe Dixie Chicks may have postponed the release of their new album, Gaslighter, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the trio hasn’t stopped sharing new music from it. They recently gave fans another glimpse into their next chapter with “Julianna Calm Down,” uploading the full song to Instagram without much fanfare.

Simple and stripped-down, the new song is a chin-up anthem encouraging a heartbroken woman to put on a brave face. According to the Chicks’ post, it’s the ninth track on Gaslighter

“Just put on, put on, put on your best shoes/And strut the f*** around like you’ve got nothing to lose,” frontwoman Natalie Maines sings in the chorus. “Show off, show off, show off your best moves/And do it with a smile so that no one knows it’s/Put on, put on, put on…”

The Dixie Chicks officially announced their new project and dropped the title track last month. When that announcement came, it had been a long time since the group had put out a record: Their last studio project, Taking the Long Way, dropped in 2006. 

Before the pandemic caused them to push back the album, Gaslighter was planned for release on May 1.

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