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Justice Ginsburg Leaves Hospital After Gallbladder Treatment

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was released from a Maryland hospital Wednesday evening, just hours after she participated in oral arguments from her hospital room at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

The 87-year-old justice underwent a non-surgical treatment for a benign gallbladder condition on Tuesday.

According to a release from the Supreme Court, Ginsburg underwent outpatient tests following oral arguments earlier this week. Those tests confirmed that she was suffering from a gallstone, which was causing an infection.

In a statement obtained by CNN, Ginsburg says she “is doing well and glad to be home.”

The justice will return to the hospital for follow-up outpatient visits over the next few weeks, in order to remove the gallstone non-surgically.

Supreme Court oral arguments were held electronically for the first time this week, due to the pandemic.

Ginsburg is the second-longest service justice on the bench, behind Justice Clarence Thomas.

Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized With Infection