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Kane Brown’s crazy about daughter Kingsley; having to disinfect the groceries, not so much

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ABC/Image Group LA Just like everyone else these days, Kane Brown is adjusting to a new normal, as we all learn to live in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m doing fine,” he tells ABC Audio by phone. “I think my wife’s going crazy. Literally last night, she got groceries, and she took all of the groceries out of the bag before she came in the house. She got about a hundred separate pieces worth of groceries and she wiped them all off with a Kleenex wipe.”

“So then I had to go out there and individually bring every single one of them in the house,” he continues. “It took me about an hour. It was awful.”

Of course, Kane and Katelyn do have a reason to be extra careful. Their daughter Kingsley was born October 29, and is thriving.

“She’s definitely healthy!” the proud father says. “She’s got some big old cheeks where she’s storing her milk.”

“She’s looking at me right now. She’s been great. Parenting is amazing. I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Kane  laughs as he pauses to talk to Kingsley. “Don’t smile at me! And I wouldn’t change babies for the world, either.”

Kane admits he and Katelyn are already discussing the possibility of giving Kingsley some siblings, though her sleep schedule is giving them some pause.

“Yeah, we were talking about it,” Kane reveals. “The only thing is right now, like last night, she didn’t sleep at all. So other than the sleeping part, I mean, you know, being parents is awesome.”

“She’s cute all around. When she stops crying, she’s cute. Sometimes when she cries she’s cute,” Kane says.  

Kane’s new track with John Legend, “Last Time I Say Sorry,” is out now.

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