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Kane Brown’s known for genre-bending, but his next album will be all country: “This is my home”

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As Kane Brown readies the release of his next studio album, he says he removed all the pop songs he’d recorded from the track list in favor of focusing on his country roots.

“I’m just really excited for the fans to see that it’s an actual country foundation. I’m going to give them a country album,” he tells ABC Audio.

Any artist who bends the rules when it comes to style is likely to feel external pressure to fit into one genre or another, and Kane’s no exception. “I mean, I have and I haven’t [felt pressure],” he notes. “But I feel like every artist has.”

He says that the biggest reason he chose to go more country on this album wasn’t due to pressure, but rather a desire to spend more time in a genre that feels best. “This is my home. This is where I started,” the singer points out. “I should definitely just give [the fans] what a lot of them want.”

Kane’s already beginning to deliver: The first three songs off his next album — “Leave You Alone,” “Whiskey Sour” and the chart-topping lead single, “One Mississippi” — are some of his most country-leaning releases to date. But if you’re a fan of Kane’s ‘poppier’ side, don’t despair. The songs he scrapped from his country project aren’t necessarily going back on the shelf for good.

“I still got five of those,” he hints. “I’m not saying they won’t be released. They just won’t be on the album.”

When it arrives, Kane’s new album will be the follow-up to his 2020 EP, Mixtape Vol. 1.

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