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Keith Urban reveals why health care workers made the perfect audience for his first socially distanced show

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ABC/Image Group LALast week, Keith Urban returned to the stage for the first time since social distancing took effect over two months ago. Of course, his newest show looked a little different than what fans are used to, with Keith performing at a drive-in for an audience full of parked cars.

He also held the concert exclusively for health care workers and those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic — a decision, the singer tells Billboard, that made sense on a number of different levels.

“One, because they’re the right people to be thanking and acknowledging,” he explains. “But secondly, because that’s the right kind of audience to do an experimental run with. They’re gonna know how to handle themselves responsibly, what’s appropriate and what isn’t. And they were great.”

With a successful first drive-in show in the books, Keith is now figuring out how to expand and normalize the drive-in show format, as well as finding other creative ways to safely play live. While the singer says he doesn’t have any more drive-in shows on the books at the moment, he’s interested to explore any option that can get him back out in front of his fans.

“A lot of us have gotten crazy creative in the last few months. Necessity is the mother of invention,” he adds.

After all, for a career touring artist like Keith, it’s essential to eventually find a way to safely get back out in front of fans.

“You know, that’s something we have to work out because not playing, this is just not an option,” he adds.

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