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Kenny Chesney calls on songwriters to help celebrate ‘Here and Now’

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Warner Music Nashville

Warner Music Nashville Following the Friday release of his new album, Here and NowKenny Chesney celebrated with a livestream concert featuring several of its songwriters. 

Sitting down for an intimate songwriters session on Facebook Live with the those who contributed to the project — such as David Lee MurphyBrett James and Kat Higgins — Kenny acoustically performed several songs off the new album, including “Knowing You,” “Guys Named Captain” and “Beautiful World” while answering questions from fans in between tunes. 

He and David also offered a performance of their chart-topping, CMA Award-winning duet, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.” 

“This album is so much about the writers and the fun of being together, the people in the songs and the heart of what No Shoes Nation is,” Kenny shared with his fan base. “It was so much fun, bringing all the writers together. Every single one of them is such a creative spirit; I loved being able to show everyone around the world how amazing the people I get to write and play music with are.”

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