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Kenny Chesney previews new album, which is likely to arrive in late spring

Jill Trunnell

Jill TrunnellWhile details are few at this point, it looks like Kenny Chesney’s new record is on track for a late spring release, according to his label.

Kenny is giving his fans some insight into the making of the album, however.

“We have songs with the most rocking guitars and massive drums,” he reveals, “but I have a song with just [multi-instrumentalist] Mac McAnally and John Hobbs — who played piano on so many records — and me. Just listening to those two play, you can hear how much music means to them, too. It’s powerful.”

The “Tip of My Tongue” hitmaker also says the songwriting process for this record was more laid-back.

“For the writers, the way we did it wasn’t so much ‘Let’s get some songs…,’ as it was, ‘Let’s get together!’” Kenny explains. “We talked a lot. We laughed a lot. We remembered a lot. It was more about how much we all loved music, diving into talking about how music shaped us.”

“A lot of songs got written after people went home for the night,” he adds, “because they were inspired, which is how Nashville was when I first got there.”

Stay tuned for more details about Kenny’s next record in the coming weeks. He kicks off his 2020 Chillaxification Tour April 18 in Arlington, Texas at the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

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