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Kenny Chesney’s next single will be a reminder to focus on the ‘Here and Now’

Jill Trunnell

Jill TrunnellAfter teasing a new record for 2020, with a likely late spring release date, Kenny Chesney is offering up a new piece of the puzzle. His next single, dubbed “Here and Now,” will be available in just a couple of weeks. 

The “Tip of My Tongue” star says his new single, a powerful message of gratitude and being present in the moment, perfectly embodies the philosophy behind his No Shoes Nation.

“But what really got me was the way the song puts everybody on notice,” he notes. “It says everything about how we all put off living our lives because there’s so much other stuff to do. Only thing is, that’s exactly how you miss everything that matters! It’s not the big stuff that gets you laughing or breaks the bad momentum, it’s what’s right here if you’ll bother to dial in and really feel it.”

Speaking of good times, Kenny rounded up some of his good pals and close collaborators to help him write the song. Among his co-writers for “Here and Now” is David Lee Murphy, who also teamed up with Kenny for the 2018 CMA Award-winning hit, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.”

“Here and Now” comes out on February 21. Kenny’s also scheduled to kick off his 2020 Chillaxification Tour on April 18 in Arlington, Texas.

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