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Lady A’s Hillary Scott is introducing her three-year-old twin girls to the family business

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In addition to their musical career, the Lady A band mates all have one big thing in common: They’re proud parents who’ve enjoyed spending time with their respective families while off the road during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For her part, singer Hillary Scott is mom to three daughters: Eight-year-old Eisele and three-year-old twins Betsy and Emory. The younger two girls, she says, are now at an age where they’re starting to come with her in the studio, and are even showing some musical talents themselves.

“It was so cool to see them hearing their own voice back, and just getting to be in the control room with me,” Hillary recalls. “Because, you know, the majority of their lives, they haven’t really come to work with mom, you know?”

As for the girls’ musical personalities, Hillary says they’re showing individual tastes and preferences, with Betsy displaying a bit more of a passion for the spotlight.

“They both love to sing. I would have to say Betsy is a little bit more of a…if you ask her, it’s always a ‘yes,’” she explains. “Like, ‘Do you wanna sing a song?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah, okay,’ and she’ll just bust into something.”

As for Betsy’s favorite song selections? “She still very much loves ‘This Is Me,’ from The Greatest Showman. Anything with ‘Oh-oh’s in it, it’s her favorite,” Hillary says.

While the three band mates of Lady A agree that time spent with their children has been a high point of life off the road, they’re excited to hit the stage once again. They took to the road late last month for the first dates on their What a Song Can Do Tour.

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