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“Life Ain’t Fair”: Maddie & Tae turn lemons into lemonade in their carefree new tune

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Maddie & Tae get by with some creative thinking, good friends and a good sense of humor in “Life Ain’t Fair,” their just-released new summertime song that’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever been down and out.

“You’d think with all this rain I’d find a four leaf clover / But I’m pulling weeds ‘round a broken lawn mower,” the duo sing in the song’s personality-packed, breezy chorus. “That’s all right, I’m gonna take / All of these lemons and make some lemonade / You bring the Crown, I’ll bring the chairs / And we’ll laugh at how life ain’t fair…”

On social media, Maddie & Tae say their new song was inspired by life’s frustrating aspects and how differently they can play out, based on how a person chooses to react to them. 

“How we handle those moments is what can turn a bad day into a bad week,” they explain. “Sooo…we’re trying to take a new approach, in the form of good friends, good vibes, cheap wine and a new song!” 

“Life Ain’t Fair” follows Maddie & Tae’s current single, “Woman You Got.” This fall, they’ll hit the road with Brett Young for his The Weekends Tour.

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