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“Life gets really cool” for Travis Denning, as he marks his first top ten with “After a Few”

Mercury Nashville

Mercury NashvilleNewcomer Travis Denning already managed to crack the top forty with his song about a fake ID, “David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs.” Now, the Georgia native’s made it all the way to the top ten with his follow-up, “After a Few.” 

Travis says there’s no doubt about it — it’s a life-changer.

“All the sudden, life gets really cool,” he smiles. “In all honesty, it’s nuts. I mean, it’s absolutely awesome.”

“I think the coolest thing is now it’s like my parents hear it twice in one day on the radio in D.C.,” he continues, “and I’ve got friends in Denver who hear it a lot.”

“It’s just that kind of thing going like, ‘Man, it’s like it’s happening, you know,'” he tells ABC Audio. “It ain’t just like my hometown’s hearing it anymore. And that’s really special.”

Travis is particularly excited, since his debut EP, Beer’s Better Cold, comes out May 15.

“I feel like a lot of people are just paying a little bit more attention, which is awesome now,” he adds, “because now as we’re releasing more music this year, I feel like they’ve got an idea of who I am. But they’re gonna get the full picture this year.”  

Travis started 2020 on the road with Dustin Lynch, with plans to set out with Sam Hunt and Kip Moore when the touring season resumes. 

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