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“Lonely If You Are”: Chase Rice is ‘Bachelor’-bound tonight on ABC

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ABC/Image Group LA“Lonely If You Are” just might be the perfect song for The Bachelor. And tonight, Chase Rice performs his latest hit on the ABC dating show.

Friday, Chase surprised fans with his seven-song EP titled The Album: Part I, with Part II set to follow later this year. That comes on the heels of an unforgettable 2019, when the North Carolina notched his first number one with “Eyes on You.”

“It’s been the best year of my career, for sure. And that’s even going back to ‘Ready Set Roll,‘” the singer says, mentioning the song that was previously his biggest hit. “That was when it all started to blow up.”

“It’s been a huge, long course. for real…” Chase tells ABC Audio. “Between band, crew, we’ve all worked so hard. We all deserved it. And thank God it happened. And now we’ve got to do it again.”

Now, Chase has his eyes on “Lonely If You Are.”

“It’s like ‘What’s gonna happen?’ It’s the first thing off the next album,” he explains. “Nobody’s heard it yet. Drop it, send it to radio. Immediately, it’s doing really well streaming. But the last three or four weeks, something is happening where it’s like, ‘Oh, this is starting to look like “Eyes on You,”‘ man.”

As usual, Chase sees his die-hard fans gravitating toward the song, even before it really catches on at radio.

“That’s the way it’s always been for us…” he reflects. “The biggest thing for me is, I’d rather have THAT than ten number ones that people are like, ‘Oh, that’s a good song.’ I’d rather have passion behind the music. And that’s what we have with our fans.”  

Tune in to watch Chase on The Bachelor tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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