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Look for Chris Young and his “Famous Friends” to take over Music City to celebrate his #1

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Jeff Johnson

Chris Young has a longstanding tradition of how he celebrates his number ones, and this week, it’s a strategy he’ll need to employ, as “Famous Friends” with Kane Brown tops the radio airplay chart. 

The Murfreesboro, Tennessee native likes to take his crew and hit the bars of Music City. 

“We do go out and celebrate — heavily. Is that the right way [to say it]?” he asks. “Yeah, we celebrate a lot.”

Chris jokes he even remembers some of it, dating all the way back to his first #1 in 2009.

“Probably my favorite thing, and I’ve still got the photos somewhere, was when ‘Gettin’ You Home’ went #1,” he recalls, “it was the first #1 RCA had had in like a decade. It was some crazy stat. They had had like songs get to #2, but they hadn’t had a #1 on RCA — that imprint — in like a really long time.”

So Chris took advantage of the chance to turn the tables on one of the record label executives who’d helped him get to the top.

“This is way back,” Chris explains. “Josh Easler was still a regional [promotion rep] for RCA at that point. Now, he’s a head — a VP. There is video of Josh Easler wearing a number one foam finger onstage with me at one of the bars on Broadway with me playing guitar while he screamed ‘Gettin’ You Home’ into the mic. And it’s fantastic.”

No word on when Chris’ epic bar crawl might take place, or if label mate Kane Brown will be along for the party.

“Famous Friends” is Chris’ first #1 since “Hangin’ On” topped the chart in November of 2018, and his twelfth career chart topper. It’s also the title track of his new album, which arrives August 6.

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