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Luke Bryan ‘inherited’ more teenagers than he bargained for during quarantine



When the COVID-19 coronavirus shutdown took effect earlier this spring, the changes in daily life took most people by surprise, and Luke Bryan was no exception. On a virtual interview with ABC’s The View, the country superstar and his fellow American Idol judges offered updates on life from quarantine. And Luke admitted that his stay-at-home shutdown has involved a few more mouths to feed than he bargained for. 

Just as the pandemic was ramped up, Luke was enjoying spring break with his family, including his two pre-teen sons, two teenage nieces and a nephew. But the number of kids in the household doesn’t stop there.

“My nephew, Til, he’s 18, and I inherited four other 18-year-old boys that I have been feeding since March 12,” the singer revealed, adding that the situation has transformed him into a full-time cook.

“I wake up, I do my workout — I’ve had freezers full of food, and I start preparing. I’m a qualified chef right now,” Luke adds. “I feel like I’m a chef in the military. I’ve been feeding these boys.”

As graduating seniors, the boys have been especially impacted by the pandemic because they won’t be taking part in a typical high school graduation. Luke hopes that the quality time they’re spending with friends and family is helping to make up for the loss, even if the close quarters sometimes test the household adults’ nerves. 

“I’ve pulled some hair out. My wife’s going crazy a little bit. She’s pulled some hair out. But we’re enjoying our time together,” he adds.

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