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Luke Bryan shares advice to Katy Perry: ‘Marriage is a living, breathing thing’

ABC/Gavin Bond

ABC/Gavin BondLuke Bryan has some sound words of advice for fellow American Idol judge Katy Perry about married life.

Katy is getting ready to marry her longtime partner, Orlando Bloom, and the country superstar has a tried and true piece of advice for her. 

“My thing is — it might sound cliché — but just don’t go to bed mad at each other,” Luke shares with People

Luke and his wife, Caroline, who met in college at Georgia Southern University, married in 2006 and have two sons, 11-year-old Bo and 9-year-old Tate, in addition to raising Luke’s 18-year-old nephew, Til.

Another key to their healthy marriage is that the couple doesn’t let their issues escalate, but rather address them head on. 

“Even if you do go to bed mad at each other, don’t let it snowball,” says Luke.  “Me and Caroline get at each other as much as anybody, but we try not to let it drag out and or bury our problems.  You can give advice, but marriage is a living, breathing thing.” 

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Katy revealed that Luke and fellow American Idoljudge Lionel Richie aren’t invited to the wedding, because she and Orlando are keeping the guest list small.

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