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Luke Combs delivers full cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” thanks to fan demand

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ABC/Image Group LA

ABC/Image Group LA

Back in March, Luke Combs mixed a snippet of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” into a longer Instagram Live set that also included performances of his own fan-favorite originals. 

However, something about Luke’s spin on the 1998 folk rock classic struck a major chord with fans, who have been demanding a full version of his “Fast Car” cover ever since. 

Well, ask and ye shall receive: The singer uploaded his performance of the song to Instagram this week. Luke’s spin on the track is pretty faithful to the original, accompanied solely by his acoustic guitar, though his barrel-chested vocal delivery can make any tune into a country song, no matter its genre. 

After he shared “Fast Car,” fans immediately started clamoring in the comments section for a studio version of the song. While Luke hasn’t said yet whether he plans to record “Fast Car,” anything’s possible. After all, the singer has spent his quarantine so far busily creating new music. 

Most recently, Luke dropped a studio version of “Six Feet Apart,” a song he wrote about the COVID-19 pandemic, debuted for fans over social media, and subsequently released as a studio version. Listeners first got a listen to that tune in April; by May 1, Luke had recorded and released it.

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