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Maddie & Tae are an unbeatable heartbreak repair team in new video for ‘Bathroom Floor’

Mercury Nashville

Mercury NashvilleMaddie & Tae put a fun spin on a grim situation in the new music video for their song, “Bathroom Floor.” In the beginning of the clip, the band mates wake up hungover and disheveled in a bathroom, as a buzzing phone vibrates on the counter next to an empty wine bottle. 

The pair don’t stay down for long, though. As the music begins, the camera cuts into the inside of a repair van, where Maddie & Tae are diligently tracking down heartbroken women all over town, getting them back on their feet just in time for a glamorous night out on the town. 

“This video brings the song to life in a really unique way,” bandmate Maddie Marlow tells CMT, which premiered the video on Friday. “The heartbreak repair service really made it so fun, and a dramatic take on what we do for our girlfriends when they have their hearts broken.”

The pair know firsthand that breakups, and hangovers, can be brutal, so they’re hoping that the video will give any hurting viewers a little break from the pain — and serve as a reminder that there’s no better cure for heartbreak than friendship.

“This song displays so much empowerment and sisterhood, and the video just highlights that even more,” adds Tae Dye. “We ladies need to lift each other up and remind each other of our worth!”

You can watch the full music video for “Bathroom Floor” on CMT.

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