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“Make Me Want To” get fit: Jimmie Allen’s trick to squeeze in a workout in half the time

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ABC/Image Group LAJimmie Allen‘s career is in great shape this week, as his second single, “Make Me Want To,” continues its climb in country’s top ten. It’s the follow-up to his debut, multiple-week number one, “Best Shot,” which topped the chart in November of 2018.

And if you’ve caught a glimpse of the Delaware-born hitmaker, you know his fitness is on point too. So what does the 33-year-old do to stay in tip-top shape?

“I like to get to the gym. I’ll jump rope for about 15 minutes,” Jimmie tells ABC Audio. “Then I’ll grab — you know, that little half moon stability ball that people like stand on? — I use that and I’ll do 20 pushups, 30 crunches, 15 body squats. I’ll do that cycle three times just to get warmed up.”

It only gets more intense from there. And Jimmie also knows a trick to get a workout in, in record time.

“Depending on the day it is, I hop over to the bench press,” he explains. “And in between, I do like super-sets, where instead of taking a full break when I’m resting chest, I’ll do arms or something like that.”

“Because, one, you can get an hour workout done in about 30 minutes, cut the time in half,” he adds. “And it keeps your adrenaline going. So it’s pretty intense.”

Both Jimmie’s hits are from his debut album, Mercury Lane, which is named for the street where he grew up.

Later this year, Jimmie’s expecting his first daughter with his fiancee, Alexis Gale. She’ll join big brother Aadyn, who’ll be six in June.

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