Man angry with his stepson threatens to “shoot up” high school

Authorities have arrested a 36-year-old man who reportedly made several threats to “shoot up” a Jacksonville High School back in August.

Officials say the suspect, Patrick Pleasant made several to his stepson’s school beginning in August 21st after his teen stepson reportedly bit him.

When authorities went to Pleasant’s last known address in Jacksonville, they could not locate him.

Pleasant then emailed his former pastor on September 5th and informed him that he wanted to “shoot up” the school and kill his stepson. He then contacted his stepson’s school and asked for information on the 16-year-old, however, when the school refused to give him the information he wanted he sent the school’s assistant principal an email claiming that he was going to “I’m going to kill all the kids.”

The principal then contacted authorities who were able to locate Pleasant at his new location in Austin, Texas using the GPS from his phone.

Pleasant has been arrested and is now facing terroristic threatening charges.