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Maren Morris gets a tour of the White House

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Ahead of her performance at the National Christmas Tree Lighting event in Washington, D.C. on Sunday night, Maren Morris got a special tour of the White House. 

The superstar took to her Instagram Stories to take fans along for the ride, sharing sweeping shots of the Red Room, which that features one of many giant Christmas trees under a decadent chandelier. Maren’s back is to the camera as she stares up at a portrait of Angelica Singleton Van Buren.

The singer also shared a bit of history, writing alongside a portrait of George Washington, “Dolley Madison saved this portrait from burning in a fire from the British Invasion of the White house in 1814.” 

Several massive trees, an extravagant manger scene and a live jazz band were all sights to behold on the tour, with Maren donning a mask in the Green Room, shaking her head in awe. 

“At the Christmas party hop,” she captions the experience. 

Later, the hitmaker took to President’s Park to perform a cover of Brenda Lee‘s classic holiday hit, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” for the annual holiday special that aired on CBS.

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