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Maren Morris is “Chasing After” album three, and savoring coming back to her Texas roots

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Following her steamy performance at Sunday’s ACM Awards with husband Ryan Hurd on “Chasing After You,” Female Artist and Song of the Year winner Maren Morris now turns her attention toward her next musical milestone: finishing her third album, the follow-up to 2019’s GIRL

“I’m kinda like halfway there,” she explains. “I think the bulk of the songs are in, it’s just about the recording. This is the first time I’ve been off the road to make a record in a very long time, so I’m really savoring that and not rushing it.”

“I would say so far it’s a really uplifting record,” Maren says, describing what to expect. “I think I’m in a much lighter place in my life, even though we’re coming out of a pandemic. I think that I’ve written the most just intimate songs.”

Sonically, the new project seems to hearken back to the album that put Maren on the map: her 2016 debut, Hero

“My last record was very pop-leaning,” Maren reflects, “and I think with this one I’m sort of coming back to this Texas rootsy style that I grew up in. And so I think that it’s got a lot of Americana elements, a lot of rootsy-ness.”

“It just feels like me, but a very stripped down version of me,” she goes on. “But it’s still extremely fun and energetic. So it was kind of a little bit [of] everything.”

While Maren’s not giving any indication of when album number three will arrive, she already envisions it as a soundtrack for our lives.

“I was saying this would be a good record to drive to, to get ready to go out for a Saturday night to, or even cook to,” she declares. “So it kinda hits all those marks.”

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