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Maren Morris predicts she’ll be the “rule-setter” and Ryan will be the “fun one” when their baby boy arrives

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ABC/Image Group LA Maren Morris‘s baby boy isn’t due until March, but she’s already thinking about the kind of mom and dad she and fellow artist Ryan Hurd will be.

While it’s hard to speculate, Maren’s guessing parenthood will probably mimic the relationship she and Ryan have with their fur babies, Pancake and June.

“I think that I am probably gonna be the rule-setter,” Maren tells ABC Audio, “and Ryan’s gonna be the fun one that they go to, to hang out. I don’t know. I think I’m a little bit of both.”

“We have two dogs, so I feel like that’s our chemistry now,” she laughs. “So maybe that will transfer to a kid, a human kid. I have no idea.”

Maren admits it’s pretty hard to know exactly how she and Ryan will adjust, since this is their first child.

“The thing about being a new parent is you have no context of how you will be with your own,” she explains. “It’s different from like holding a friend’s baby or being around friends’ kids, because it’s not your ‘copy.’ So I don’t know. I’ll tell you in a year.”  

The GIRL hitmaker’s on track to have her next number one before her son arrives, since “The Bones” is currently at number three on the chart. Ryan also has a top twenty single of his own with the song he wrote about Maren, “To a T.”

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