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Maren Morris’s Sesame Street song teaches kids to try, try again if they make mistakes

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ABC/Image Group LADuring her appearance as a guest artist on iconic kids’ show Sesame StreetMaren Morris filmed a special song called “Oops! Whoops! Wait, Ah Hah!” Aside from being quite catchy, the tune offers an important message of encouragement for viewers who might be trying to learn new skills.

The lyrics of “Oops! Whoops! Wait, Ah Hah!” explain that it takes time to get good at a skill, whether that’s hula hooping, baking cookies, playing basketball or singing country music. The cast of Sesame Street chimes in with background vocals as Maren sings, and also acts out the process of getting better through practice.

According to CMT, the song was written by the Sesame Street writers. The episode featuring the song airs Saturday on HBO at 9AM ET. 

Maren filmed her guest spot on Sesame Street over a year ago, and since then, her appearance on the show has taken on a whole new meaning. She and her husband, fellow country artist Ryan Hurd, are now expecting their first child, a boy. 

In late 2019, she reflected that she can’t wait to share her episode of Sesame Street with her son someday.

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