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Miami Nurse and her infant son test positive for coronavirus

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A mother and nurse at Jackson North Medical Center in North Miami Beach says she and her 7-month old son have both tested positive for the coronavirus after she was exposed to it while working on the job.

Herine Baron believes she contracted the virus at the facility. She has been documenting her experience on YouTube. In one video she says, “I know this happened at my job because I only worked one day. The day that I worked, two days later, I got sick.”

Baron says she has experienced shortness of breath, and is currently isolating herself.

In a separate video clip, Baron shared that her baby had also contracted the virus.

Baron says she is getting better,“I have great news,” “Today, I’m going to be discharged, and I’m going to be able to self-quarantine at home. My doctor said I’ve had a lot of improvement, and he feels like I am ready to go home.”

Baron has since written that not only does she have to test negative twice for the virus, but her son has to as well.