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Mickey Guyton is pregnant: "My life completely changed in an instant"

Disney Channel/Chris Hollo

Mickey Guyton and her husband Grant Savoy are expecting their first child. 

The country star announced on social media today that she is pregnant. Mickey shared the news alongside a photo of a white box that inside contains an image of her ultrasound.

“Even in times of darkness, like the ones we as a society find ourselves in today, God always finds a way to shine His light on the beautiful side of life, like the miracle of life itself. I’m so excited to announce that I’m having a baby!” Mickey wrote in the Instagram caption, adding that she’s both “excited and terrified.” 

The baby news comes in the center of a career growth spirt for the 37-year-old singer, whose powerful songs “Black Like Me” and “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” have struck a chord with fans as she continues to be a steadfast voice in calling for racial justice and equity. 

“My life completely changed in an instant. Literally nothing else matters,” Mickey added about the pregnancy. “I have no idea what I am doing but am so thankful that God chose me to be this baby’s mom.”     

The couple is expecting their new bundle of joy in 2021.

By Cillea Houghton
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