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Mickey Guyton shares the crazy story of that time she sang “Natural Woman” at Prince’s house

ABC/Eric McCandless

Anyone who’s heard Mickey Guyton’s music can attest to the fact that she can sing, but there’s one thing even superfans might not know about the star: She was once a jam session duet partner for famed singer-songwriter Prince

Mickey shares the wild story of how that came to be during a new installment of CMT’s “Probably Shouldn’t Tell You This” series, explaining that it all started during a night out in Hollywood with a friend who happened to be dating the pop superstar. When they couldn’t get back to their car at the end of the night, the friend called Prince to pick them up, and he showed up in a limo to escort them to his house in Sunset Plaza. 

“We get in this purple suede elevator….yes, a purple suede elevator! With Prince!” Mickey details. “I don’t know if we went up or down, but we went somewhere, he opens the door, and there’s this large, giant ballroom.”

In it was a piano, microphone setup and drum kit — and Mickey first went over to the drums. 

“And he takes the drumsticks away from me and tells me I have no rhythm, which I don’t,” she adds with a laugh. Next, Prince sat down at the piano and invited her to sing with him. 

“I was like, ‘Okay, well, I’m with Prince, and he loves soul, so why not sing ‘Natural Woman’?’” she recalls. “Who am I right now?!…And I sing ‘Natural Woman’ with Prince. It doesn’t sound real, right? Like, you don’t even believe that that actually happened, but it did.”

Mickey’s upcoming album, Remember Her Name, is due out on September 24.


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