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Midland will relive their one-night-only stop at The Palomino with a new live album

Timothy Norris/Getty Images for Big Machine Records

Timothy Norris/Getty Images for Big Machine RecordsCountry traditionalist trio Midland have a new live album in the works, a project that revolves around their one-night-only stand at famed North Hollywood venue the Palomino Club last October. 

Known as a West coast Mecca for country music, the Palomino Club drew performers like Johnny CashWillie NelsonPatsy Cline and Tanya Tucker in its heyday. However, the venue shuttered in 1995 — that is, until Midland reopened it for a single show in 2019. During that performance, they filmed the music video for their new tune, “Cheatin’ Songs.”

Now, even fans who weren’t on hand to see the trio take the legendary stage live will be able to get a taste of Midland at the Palomino. The band is releasing their performance as a 10-track live album, Midland Live from the Palomino, due out February 28. 

“Places like this are disappearing,” comments the band’s Mark Wystrach. “So you want to remember to grab the moments while you still can. You think about who’s been on that stage and you can’t help but feel connected to so much greatness. We live for hardcore honky tonks, and to be able to hold onto that night and bring a little slice of it through this album to our fans is special for us.”

Here’s the full track list for Midland Live from the Palomino:

 “Let It Roll”
“Burn Out”
“21st Century Honky Tonk American Band”
“Cheatin’ Songs”
“Mr. Lonely”
“I Love You, Goodbye”
“Fast Hearts and Slow Towns”
“Cheatin’ by the Rules”
“Drinkin’ Problem”

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