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Missing Broward Woman Found Buried in Mississippi Backyard

Accident or crime scene cordon tape

A 29-year old Broward County woman who had been missing since October of last year has been found buried in the backyard of a Mississippi man’s home, according to police.

Coral Springs resident Sarah Willard was found dead on Valentine’s Day in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

A joint investigation between the FBI, Coral Springs Police Department and Jackson County Sheriff’s Office led investigators to Willard’s body.

According to a missing person’s report, her husband, Daryl Allen Jahnke, told detectives that his wife was “extremely bi-polar,” and was known to leave the area randomly to travel or to meet with people she met online.

He adds that she would typically stay in touch with relatives during the timeframe – usually one to two weeks – in which she would be gone.

The report further states that Jahnke told investigators that he woke up on the morning of Oct. 29 to find his wife gone, in addition to all of her belongings. He also revealed to them that the couple texted throughout the day and that she told him she was going to Texas.

Jahnke never heard from his wife again after 11 p.m. that night.

York has been charged with murder. Authorities have not disclosed how Willard was killed.

Investigators sat York is a felon who previously served 10 years in a Virginia prison for stabbing a woman.